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To Dream. To Create. To Succeed.

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Principals Message

Principal Message

Welcome to Junee High School. It is my privilege to be providing the welcome to our website, as current Principal of this fine school.

As the Principal of the school, there are many responsibilities that come with the position. I consider the highest responsibility as providing an excellent place to learn and to give people opportunities for their own journey. I know that everyone is on their own journey, have different goals, and come from different backgrounds. A student’s learning journey lasts with us for only a few years, but we need to be providing people with options to take, problems to solve, strengths to discover and relationships to build.

I love working with staff to help them support students and provide great possibilities for them.

It is great to work with parents and community members to discover about their children and how the community can work with our school,

Importantly, it is the students that inspire me to keep making improvements and giving them the chance to fulfil whatever their potential is.

Thank you for being part of our school community and working with us.

School Information

Junee High School Motto: “By Honour to Glory”

Our Vision: To Dream. To Create. To Succeed

Our Mission Statement: Seeking to enrich the quality of life of our students and the school community in a safe and caring environment.

Our Expectations: Be Your Best. Be Respectful. Be Responsible

Our 2018-2020 Strategic Directions:

Learning: To provide a whole school approach to excellence in curriculum, assessment & wellbeing to support all students to connect, succeed, thrive and learn.

Teaching: To further develop the teaching practice of all teachers through involvement in professional learning and collaboration, with a focus on professional growth, effective teaching and literacy & numeracy.

Community Connections: To strengthen connections within school, within the Ngumba-Dal Learning Community and with Junee and the wider community, enabling efficiency, connectedness and opportunities for all students and staff to succeed.

Junee High School is a rural comprehensive secondary school which draws students from the township and surrounding farms and villages. The school enjoys high levels of community support from local businesses and farms. Current enrolments are 250 students, including 2 multi-categorical classes, 38 Aboriginal students and 11 students from Non-English-Speaking backgrounds. Junee High School has strong links with its partner primary schools through a successful middle school program and the Ngumba-Dal Learning Community. Agricultural plays a pivotal role in our community, and also in our Learning Community. We actively engage our partner schools in education.

The school has a dedicated and energetic teaching staff and the students have the opportunity to study the traditional academic subjects or follow a vocational education pathway. The preparedness of the staff of Junee High School to embrace innovative teaching and learning practices provides opportunities for all of our students to achieve their best in a supportive environment. All teaching staff are involved in Professional Learning Groups as well as a range of extra-curricular activities and have opportunities for leadership development.

Junee High School provides all the advantages and opportunities of a small regional comprehensive high school.

If you need to contact the school the first place to start is with the Year Advisor or the Head Teacher of the subject where you have an inquiry. The staff list will help you with the name of the right person.

If you are unsure, please call the office and our friendly administration staff will assist in directing the call. We understand that High School can be a very big place with so many faces that this process can be difficult.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our web page. We hope that the information it contains is useful in answering any questions you may have.